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Some Thoughts on Keeping Clean and Safe During Coronavirus

You’re probably thinking about keeping yourself and your family as safe as possible during the current stay-at-home orders, here in Illinois. But you’re probably thinking about keeping clean and germ-free too.

Some predictable questions may come up in your mind:

• What’s the strongest detergent I can clean with?

• What’s safe? And What’s dangerous?

• Should I bleach everything?

• Does Windex, Fantastic or Clorox kill coronavirus?

For certain, many people have a tendency when they clean to want to combine products to make them stronger. But mixing any chemical with another can be really dangerous. After all, you’re not a chemist, and lots of times even the best how-to information you find on the internet is unreliable at best and dead wrong at worst.

So what should you do or not do? Some common sense thoughts:

• Use caustic substances like bleach, Draino, and even ammonia sparingly

• Dilute any strong cleaning substance you use

• Do not mix cleaning solutions

• When cleaning, open widows or ventilate the area

• Keep kids and pets away from harsh substances


Whether it’s your come you are most concerned about, or your business or rental properties, your first instincts to clean for safety are correct and good-natured.

But if you had a toothache, you probably wouldn’t do dentistry at home on your own. Likewise, when it comes to keeping clean, hiring a highly skilled and reasonably priced professional cleaning service can be the best option, especially in times like these.

Cleaning high-touch surfaces in stairwells and your laundry room, as well as your kitchen, foyers and general dwelling areas, is one way to ensure safety and limit exposure to germs of all kinds. Moreover, keeping clean such things as doors, doorknobs, handles and anything your grab or touch regularly is a smart move.

We also take your personal safety seriously. Chicago Clean Home has put in place practices that ensure your safety as well las that of our technicians:

We wear protective gear such as gloves, shoe covers and masks as necessary.

All of our equipment from vacuum cleaners to mops, buckets and sponges are sanitized before and after each job.

When our technicians are sick or not feeling great, we have them stay at home so they can adequately guard their own health without fear of losing their job.

We also pay our employees medical sick leave, as per federal and local laws.


When it comes to making your home, business or other properties safe and sanitary, we can help, and make it easy for you.

Chicago Clean Home has built a great reputation across Chicago by providing excellent expert service at a good price.

You can also pre-pay and schedule cleaning appointments ahead of time, to save your spot during this high-demand season.

Contact us at 773-769-9145 or at for an estimate. You can also contact Chicago Clean Home through our website or visit



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