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Updated: Oct 28, 2020

The coronavirus outbreak across the United States seems like it's here to stay—at least for the near future. We've all stayed at home for part of the year and done social distancing. We wear masks and wash our hands frequently. And it's safe to say that COVID-19 has made all of us much more cautious in the way we live and the way we work. That's why Chicago Clean Home has made changes to how we execute our cleaning services. Our actions are based on the most up-to-date recommendations of national, state and local health officials, and do our best to keep our customers and staff safe and healthy. Strong cleaning materials, expert attention Chicago Clean Home has always used environmentally safe yet effective cleaning materials on all of our jobs, whether it's cleaning a workplace or a home. But we've taken a second look at how we do what we do, to ensure extra safely—and to put you at ease. We make sure our products are up to the latest tasks of the day, and meet specific criteria of the EPA for best use against the coronavirus and other germs and pathogens. Moreover, our cleaning technicians follow a set of protocols to make sure your property is cleaned. As a matter of practice, we do a few things:

  • We disinfect our own cleaning equipment before and after each place is cleaned. This means vacuums, mops, and all equipment we use.

  • High-touch areas around doors, light switches, handrails are given extra attention, and are cleaned thoroughly   

  • Masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment (PPE) are used by all our staff during the workday and on your job

  • After each job, we collect and properly discard all masks, gloves and other PPE used during the job at our own location

  • We monitor each employee's health and wellness, and give them time off if they aren't feeling 100%

Also, the cleaning products will be used in our regular cleaning, mopping, vacuuming and polishing, dusting, are not just for making your place look tip-top and smell clean. They are selected to eliminate viruses and bacteria, and mitigate against the spread of any harmful germs. We've adjusted our routines Just like you and your family and friends, the employees and owners of Chicago Clean Home have altered the way we live and do business. We abide by the most recent business guidelines from the CDC on social distancing. In addition to wearing masks in public and keeping at least a 6-foot distance from others, we have actually changed the way we schedule out our jobs.  For example, we limit the days our technicians come into the office to pick-up supplies and route information, and we also incorporate more solo technician routes, where it makes sense to do so. For smaller jobs, we often designate the work as a one-person or two-person job. Meanwhile, larger jobs—ones that are too big for two technicians, or jobs that may take a half- or full day—are dealt with differently. Jobs that require longer hours to complete are done by no more technicians than necessary (typically no more than 3, all wearing PPE.) And after each job, technicians report back to home base or home to clean up, instead of heading off to another job. Sometimes the time necessary to clean your home or workspace may increase, but the rate does not. We feel it is in everyone's best interest to prevent any spread of the coronavirus as best as we can. We've also heard from our customers that they appreciate and approve of our altered routines in these unusual times. Paid sick days for our team members We make it clear to our employees that they are to stay home if they aren’t feeling well. We support our workers and provide paid sick leave, so that they can mind their health as a priority, without any fear risking their job or income. Up to now, no one at our company has contracted the coronavirus, nor been in contact with someone who has. We will continue to keep in close contact with all of our employees to ensure the best working situation and best working environment. Request a quote. Pre-pay and lock in savings As a locally-owned company that works with businesses of all sizes, Chicago Clean First is the ideal partner for keeping your home, office or rental real estate properties clean and safe. We also know that clean homes and workplaces lead to happier people. But we can also help you cut costs, by offering discounts for pre-paid services. Most of our best customers work with us because of our excellent service, but discounts sweeten the deal! Chicago Clean Home has built a great reputation serving individuals and businesses all over the Chicago community. Contact us at 773-769-9145 or at for a service estimate. You can also request a quote through our website too.



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