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You hear it all the time. Shop local. Support neighborhood businesses! The good news is that Americans are actually very good at shopping local.

According to some official statistics from the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are about 28 million small businesses in the United States, and 22 million of them are individually operated. If you compare that to the 18,500 large corporations based in the U.S., it suggests that small businesses really are the backbone of the American economy. Smaller local businesses also provide great value and dependable service to Americans everywhere.

Most of us have a handful of businesses in our town or community that we visit regularly. It could be a favorite local bar or restaurant, a reliable hardware store, a grocery store or two that almost always get our business. You probably even have a favorite local spot where you pick up coffee and the morning newspaper.

The reasons we patronize a local business are many. Convenience. Reasonable prices. Reputation and dependable service. Friendly, honest and helpful staff.

Aside from restaurants and stores that sell the tangible things we buy regularly, a lot of consumers also tend to shop and spend locally when it comes to services. There are plenty of things you can't really buy online.

Some of the services we seek out locally are ones we use occasionally, and others we use several times throughout the year.  They span all industries and include some of the following types of businesses:

  • A trusty local plumber

  • Doctors, dentists, or your pet's veterinarian 

  • Accountants, local banks, and financial advisors

  • Landscapers, painting specialists, locksmiths

  • A handyman or a "fix-it" specialist

Just like your local plumber, accountant, and painting contractor, Chicago Clean Home is another local business that has built its reputation on serving our neighbors on the north side of Chicago since 2013.  Both Chicago residents and business owners call on us to help keep homes, multi-unit buildings, and places of business clean, tidy and feeling new.

We'll provide the best service for every job, whether your needs involve a one-time job or a more regular service. We've seen everything, and can Chicagoans use Chicago Clean Home for a lot of different jobs:

  • Moving in or out cleanups

  • Yearly "spring cleaning" efforts

  • Carpet cleaning and high-traffic areas

  • Post-construction or remodeling cleanup

  • Just general cleaning

We know that every consumer, homeowner and business owner has a ton of choices when it comes to making a space more livable and workable.

Chicago Clean Home takes pride in being a part of our Chicago community. We serve not only Lakeview, Wrigleyville, Lincoln Park, Ravenswood, Logan Square, and the surrounding areas, but can travel to where ever you are throughout most of Chicago.

Contact us at 773-769-9145 or at for a service estimate. You can also contact Chicago Clean Home through our website here or at

We'd love to work with you!



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